Household products

  • Dishwashing products (tablets classic, 5 in 1, all in 1, 2-3-5 layers, capsules, special salt, dishwashing liquid, rinse aid, cleaner, deodorizer)
  • Laundry products (fabric softeners, concentrated fabric softeners, liquid laundry detergents, liquid laundry capsules, water softening tablets, wipes that absorb colors during washing)
  • Chlorine bleach products (bleach liquids, gel and spray)
  • Specialties (anti calk spray, spray 4 in 1 for kitchen, spray 4 in 1 for bathroom, oven and grill cleaner)
  • Cleaning wipes, dusters, all purpose wipes, microfiber wipes
  • All purpose cleaning wet wipes, dusters, microfiber cloths
  • Floor polish, green soap cleaner, Marseille soap cleaner