Shareholders / Executives

George Manticas, Managing Director

With strong marketing studies, George Manticas has acted as the Commercial Director of Private Label products (Private Label) and a shareholder of the company Spray Pack S.A., one of the largest companies in Southeast Europe producing aerosols and liquids for third parties (custom-made). George possesses great expertise and rare experience in personal care products, household goods and D.I.Y. private label products. His knowledge spans a wide range which begins from the creation of PL products integrated into a comprehensive marketing strategy and experience regarding the choice of packaging materials and chemical compositions.

Kapa Reynolds S.A., shareholder

The French company Kapa Reynolds, is a major shareholder of Private Brands and supplier of private label products to major supermarket chains in countries like France, Belgium, U.K., Spain, Portugal and of course Greece. Kapa Reynolds is based in Paris and possesses 25 years of experience in marketing PL products on a global level. The company distributes 40 million units (2500 containers) per year of PL products and import products from 14 countries (over 3 continents) and export to 16 countries.

Ilias Blanas, shareholder and Client Service and Logistics Manager

Ilias Blanas is a key company executive with extensive experience in sales and merchandising. He has worked in companies marketing non-food consumer products for supermarkets chains and other distribution channels. Ilias is responsible for the proper operation and smooth flow of goods from the producer to the client retail chains.

Angelike Nestoridou, shareholder, member of Board of Directors

Angelike Nestoridesis is a senior executive of Lykourezos Law Offices, with extensive experience and training in domestic (Greek) and international commercial law. Angelike is a member of the Athens Bar Association and Maryland Bar Association in the U.S.A. and offers Private Brands a rare combination of valuable legal expertise and commercial knowledge.

Ioanna Zorzou, Marketing Manager

Multiple experience in retail business and special in private label products across FMCG departments. Her deep knowledge in developing successful private label products along with organized purchases have been awarded both with certifications along with numbers. Responsible for Key Accounts of the company along with developing new products and searching for new cooperations.